I am back! Hello everyone! A couple things:

1. I hit 500 followers a couple months ago! Since it happened in the midst of me moving and settling into a new home, I wasn’t able to draw a thank you picture until now. So thank you! I am looking forward to the next 500!

2. Scaredy Cat Mini Books are back! There are $8 per book and can be preordered at my Storenvy. Halloween is coming up, so order soon!


Hello everyone!

I’m sorry that I’ve been inactive lately. Things are busy at home right now because I am getting ready to move at the end of the month! There will likely be a lack of updates for the rest of July as I organize all my things and pack.

Progress is being made on Missing Chroma, though. Slowly, but surely. I’ll do my best to post updates.

Thank you all for being so patient!

Sketch of a naga girl.

Sketch of a naga girl.

ANNOUNCEMENT and a sneak peek of Chroma


I have decided to focus primarily on visual storytelling.

The next story I have in the works is called Chroma (formerly known as Miss Monochrome). It is about a monochromatic girl living in a vivid, colorful forest. Her condition removes color from around her, which of course results in other inhabitants in the forest avoiding her. Like Scaredy Cat, it is wordless, meaning that the reader can create their own interpretations of the story.

(rant about storymaking, Scaredy Cat, and self-discovery below the break)

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Lil Bub in Candy Space, 12x9”
Colored pencils

Happy Birthday, Lil Bub!

Here’s my present for one of my favorite cats in the universe, including all the work in progress shots from my Twitter.